Thursday, 1 May 2014


As a smartwatch, the Gear fit focuses on calls and notifications which includes third-party applications. When a notification/call comes in, the unit quietly vibrates. From here you either delete, reject, or scroll through and respond with pre-programmed computer speak like “I’ll call you right back” or “I’m in a meeting talk later”. At first it wasn't all sunshine, the default horizontal mode made reading messages an arm twister, but Samsung quickly got the message and updated the Fit with a vertical rotation option. Once I got the hang of it, I was answering messages, emails, and monitoring my workout with a few swipes. It’s a discreet way of checking your messages, but the Gear Fit would benefit from a built-in microphone. Imagine having voice recognition to dictate a quick response or just answer a call, but I guess that’s what Samsung calls the Galaxy Gear 2.

The Gear Fit comes packed with typical fitness-tracking functions, such as a pedometer, running, walking, cycling and hiking, and with one tap, an integrated heart monitor shows your beats per minute. The latest update gives you a basic sleep tracker—timing how long you sleep and how long your body isn't moving. If you’re wearing it to bed though, swipe to the right inside the sleep tracker and turn on blocking mode to silence notifications.

During my time with the device, the Fit worked perfectly fine. When I decided to put my feet to pavement I decided set the Fit to run mode and to also track my heart rate. I also had my Fitbit Force on my other arm for a comparison. The Gear Fit and the Fitbit were nearly identical with the Gear giving a slightly higher reading. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Using the SiriusXM Internet Radio App, a user can listen to SiriusXM’s various radio station like sports, talk, comedy, entertainment and commercial free music programs on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or android devices. Plus along with that user can access hundreds of "On Demand" shows and use the "MySXM" option to personalize many of their favorite SiriusXM music or comedy channels hence user can hear more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

About This Application
• Stream SiriusXM channels live which includes exclusive online channels
• User can track their favorite shows and receive notifications about new episodes are available

• On Demand access to a large catalog of content and listen on user's personal schedule
• Stores selected talks and entertainment shows for a described period of time so that user can listen even while the he/she is offline.
• User can personalize many of their favorite music and comedy channels using MySXM
• User can Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind live radio and On Demand content
• Hear shows from the beginning of a song, even if the user just tuned to that particular channel, with Start Now option..

Friday, 25 April 2014


"Powered by Bing and Microsoft Cortana is the new digital assistant that is programmed to know you also builds a relationship that you can bank upon and is supposed to get better over time to time by asking questions based on your behavioral pattern it will be checking in with you before she assumes that you’re interested in something or not. She will detect and monitors all the stuffs you really care about, will look out for you throughout the day and even help you filter out all the noise so that you can focus on things what matter to you,” says Mr. Joe Belfiore who is the the corporate Vice President(VP) of Windows Phone.

Cortana is named after an imaginarily virtual character in the famous video game "Halo", it even sounds alot like her, and seems to have been engineered with a sprinkle of comedic chops.
Apart from intimating wittiness, Cortana also managed to conduct convincing impression on real world personal assistants. It could process through complex grammar and perform various tasks like facilitating of restaurant reservations and notifying you when the new appointments are in conflict with the previously scheduled meetings.

But, Cortana is still in its beta form and will  be available soon in the United States. Further, it will be launched in China as well as UK during the second half of this year (2014). Rest of the world would have the privilege of using Cortana not before 2015.