Friday, 25 April 2014


"Powered by Bing and Microsoft Cortana is the new digital assistant that is programmed to know you also builds a relationship that you can bank upon and is supposed to get better over time to time by asking questions based on your behavioral pattern it will be checking in with you before she assumes that you’re interested in something or not. She will detect and monitors all the stuffs you really care about, will look out for you throughout the day and even help you filter out all the noise so that you can focus on things what matter to you,” says Mr. Joe Belfiore who is the the corporate Vice President(VP) of Windows Phone.

Cortana is named after an imaginarily virtual character in the famous video game "Halo", it even sounds alot like her, and seems to have been engineered with a sprinkle of comedic chops.
Apart from intimating wittiness, Cortana also managed to conduct convincing impression on real world personal assistants. It could process through complex grammar and perform various tasks like facilitating of restaurant reservations and notifying you when the new appointments are in conflict with the previously scheduled meetings.

But, Cortana is still in its beta form and will  be available soon in the United States. Further, it will be launched in China as well as UK during the second half of this year (2014). Rest of the world would have the privilege of using Cortana not before 2015.

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