Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The design of Snapchat can be termed as silly at is best. The app’s logo is that of a ghost also called as "Ghostface Chillah" on yellow colored background. After logging into it by creating an account,  the user is taken to a screen which lets the user click photos and shoot videos. Photos can be taken easily by just clicking on a large circular button on the bottom middle of the screen and videos can be shot by holding that button for long, as long as you hold that button the movie keeps on shooting. The square button on the left hand side of the circular button directs the user to the update. The other button on the right of the circular button takes you to your ‘My Friends’ screen.

Snapchat has introduced various new additional features like replay, visual filters, Snapchat Stories, , smart filters, special text etc. after the initial launch. By adding a snap to a users story, the snap can then be viewed any number of times over 24 hours. You can even choose who gets to see your stories by changing the settings.

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