Monday, 21 April 2014


Ever dreamt of a computer, laptop, notebook or mobile phone without a keyboard? Probably yes, but now researchers have made this dream come reality. You’d be probably wondering then how we going to type in data into our handheld device or our computers. Keyboard is an inseparable part of any computing device to provide with necessary input. But now with dedicated work of researchers, they’ve managed to come up with a virtual keyboard. Yes a virtual keyboard. So how would that be? Well simple the device will emit a laser beam which will form a keyboard on any flat area, and not just a small keyboard like that of a mobile phone, it’ll be a full-fledged keyboard with all the possible controls. A laser emitter forms the imagery part and a sensor above it will sense our hand movement and detect what we wish to type and passing those commands to the computing device it is connected with.

They’re going way beyond this, not only keyboard but they’ve included the features of laser mouse, that means that we’ll be having not only keyboard but a multi touch keyboard as well. Yet the researchers are working on miniaturizing this technology to fit it into small handheld devices. This technology is not only available as a prototype, but its production has already started on a commercial scale.

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