Monday, 14 April 2014


As galaxy unveiled its latest mobile into the market, we viewed some of the features less known in Samsung Galaxy family. Apart from heart-rate monitoring feature in this phone, there is a lot more to know about.

Some of those new hidden to a layman customer are:

• Customized Folder Color
Change the color of folders you want by clicking on an on-screen menu bar. You can select from any of the 5 colors available which are: grey, blue, green, brown and maroon. Out of this, default is blue.

• Private Mode

You can move your personal multimedia files to a different private location so that no one else can view your multimedia files. Simply move those files to private and toggle on the private mode which will hide away the files in private mode.

• Toolbox
if you activate toolbox feature, you’ll see a while elliptical button on your screen with three circular grey dots. Click on that to access different most frequently used applications like camera, browser, voice recorder, note maker and calculator.

• More editing Features
In-built Photo editing application is something which everyone desires because they seems to be best compatible for photo editing. In new photo-editing software, more new features are added to enhance photos according to your best interest.

• Easy Connect
In notification dropdown menu, click on Quick Connect to select different methods by which you can send a multimedia file to nearby device or far away computer, tablets or phone.
• Ultra Power Saving Mode
In this mode, the screen turns to greyscale, hence conserving battery dramatically.

• TV Control
IR blaster lets you control your TV using your mobile

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