Thursday, 3 April 2014


Windows today unveiled that it’ll provide smartphones and tabs whose screen size is less than 9 inch with free windows 8 and windows phone 8. This step has been targeted to increase its sales revenue but also to stand as a strong competitor for android range of smartphones and tabs. The software giant announced this at the annual build conference. It won’t be free personally, but any OEM licensing fees won’t be taken.
This may lead to shift of users from predominant android to windows domain, changing the whole scenario of android phone users (for the worst) and for windows phone and tablet users (for good). Windows have always been successful in most of the domains they’ve ventured in, so the hopes and the stakes are too high on this deal.
Even though, this step taken by Microsoft can lower its return on investment, but if taken in consideration the long term impact, harvested reap could be of very high value.

I wonder how major android phone manufacture will be taking this news like Samsung and HTC. Hopefully they’ll also come up with something innovative to stop their collapse.
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