Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cell Tracker

Track the locations you have visited using “Cell Tracker”.
Free of cost.
Zero hidden charges
No privacy issue as the data acquired stays with the app and no data is sent outside the app.
Using Cell Tracker app helps you keep a track of location of your cell. It tracks all the locations you visited in the last few days. To initiate this process of tracking the places visited, you have to launch the app and click on “View Now”. This application can work without GPS as well because it can use wireless network location as an alternative. The application collects location after regular interval through GPS or Wi-Fi.
NOTE: The “Use Wireless Location” in Settings->Location should be enabled for obtaining the location of the device
Initial startup may take some time (maybe up to 10mins depending upon performance on your cell)
Its accuracy can be up to 100 meters. It varies according to strength of signal.
Few use cases of Cell Tracker
- You’re on a tour and you want to gather information of all the places you visited.
- You need to keep a track of your near and dear as of their current location and history of places they’ve been to.
How it works
- Install the app
- Enable the check box to enable tracking of your device. The app then collects location data using GPS or     WiFi after regular interval.
- Click on “View Now” link in the app and you will see the tracks of the cell (locations visited) on Google        Map view.
- You can also disable the collection of your location data by unchecking location collection box.

- “Clear data” option can be used to delete all previous records permanently.

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